Chord is a decentralized network for musicians where anyone can turn their songs and performances or any kind of music into unique NFTs and freely commercialize them without intermediaries.
At the same time, music fans all over the world can enjoy and invest in authenticated music clips and creations while helping tokenize the music industry.

Chord is the first truly decentralized global ecosystem connecting musicians, fans & industry players.
NFT Tokenization Platform
Turn any recording by video or audio of a cover or original song into an NFT and sell it on Chord’s marketplace. Authenticate your creations and protect its copyright by digitally certifying it on the blockchain.
Discover and gather unique musical NFTs and create your own musical library. Music fans will have access to hundreds of exclusive clips and original songs which they can either collect, trade, show off or keep for themselves to enjoy.
Integrations with the Music Industry
Chord is bringing on-chain tools to the professional music industry while getting rid of intermediaries. Partnerships with decentralized audiovisual channels, concert organizers & streaming events can now be operated through smart contracts, allowing ease and clarity in setting up deals while optimizing the use of copyrights.
Are you can musician interested in creating your own NFTs? We are featuring artists on our Roster so that people can begin to discover your work while we finish up the NFT Marketplace. Check it out and join now!
Maybe you have a talent for discovering rising stars. Buy their copyrighted NFT rights and be part of their success!
Multichain Support
Chord network will be integrated across several mainstream blockchains such as Ethereum, Polkadot & Binance Smart Chain, allowing creators to select where they want to issue their NFTs and commercialize them.
Friendly UX/UI
Artists and performers can smoothly issue their NFTs and customize the commercialization model within several clicks without any specific knowledge of technology.
Delayed Fees Options
We’re sure you’ve heard about the problem high fees represent when generating NFTs. Well not anymore. Create your own NFTs but just pay for the transaction fee when they are first sold on Chord’s marketplace.
Chord is moving towards a fully decentralized
network managed by music lovers.

Chord DAO, driven by DPOS algorithm, will make all major decisions regarding future developments, products launches, key partnerships & integrations and new trading models be taken by free an open decentralized internet market.
DAO Governance Token
Special events, activities and collaborations can only be unlocked with the $CHORD token plus special reward system for content creators
$CHORD Deflationary Burning Program
0 transaction fees in the NFT marketplace deals when paying in $CHORD during the 1st year
Liquidity Pool (Locked 6 months)
DAO Treasury
Creators Incentive Program
Investors & Partners
Deflationary Model
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Music NFTs are just the beginning…
Chord is empowering blockchain adoption in the music industry
Live digital shows
Only accessible to token holders
Inmutable ownership of tickets to concerts
Thus, protecting fraud, losses and misplacements
On-chain smart contract tools for music labels & event organizers
Thanks to decentralization all contributors become part of the deal.
FanArt NFTs.
Support your favourite artists creating digital pieces that can also be traded on a secondary marketplace
NFTs are also assets which can be used in various DeFi tools and bring you extra returns.
In essence, Chord merges decentralized fair internet with the music industry by sharpening inefficiencies, protecting labels, organizers, musicians and music lovers.
    APRIL 2021
  • Project launch
  • Liquidity pool Loked
  • Burning Deflationary Program
  • DAO and Team’s Wallets Locked
  • Smart Contract Audit & Verification
  • Marketplace
  • Initial Artists + Roster Automatic Form
    MAY 2021
  • NFT Marketplace & Tokenization Platform MVP Launch
    Q2 & Q3 2021
  • First artists minting and selling NFTs on marketplace
  • Initial Partnerships
  • Brand Ambassadors (music space mainly)
  • Light Marketing Campaigns
    Q4 2021 & 2022
  • Public sale of 10.000 unique musical NFT collectibles on Ethereum network
  • Promotion and marketing for this collection on our own marketplace
  • $CHORD token bridge to Ethereum
  • Inclusion of the new $CHORD token in all marketplace operations
  • $CHORD token bridge to Solana (or possible hottest new chain)
  • Webpage v2
  • Marketplace improvements
  • Development of new features (DAO beta, digital stream…)
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