1. Is the Smart Contract verified?
3. Is the Liquidity Pool also locked?
4. When I try to buy or sell tokens, it says ‘INSUFFICIENT_OUTPUT_AMOUNT’. What can I do?
CHORD follows a deflationary cycled burning model., so please set the slippage between 6% and 11%, based on the current tax (which can be checked using the TG group bot) and trade with a whole number of tokens (15850 instead of 15850.28581).
5. What does your Deflationary Model mean?
There are 120 cycles. Each cycle a fee is placed on any CHORD transaction in the BSC network. Fee starts at 5% and scales to 10%. The fee gradually increases over 500.000 tokens burned.At that point the cycle is over: 50% of what was burned gets reminted to holders, respective of the % of $CHORD they hold to other holders. Then a new cycle starts and fee is reset to 5%.Therefore, theoretically you “can” increase returns by:1. Rebase distributes tokens to holders, your bag increases.2. Rebase burns 500.000 $CHORD per cycle, shrinking supply, your bag increases.3. If everyone holds in the new cycle and allow new ppl to buy in at 5%+, your bag increases.
6. Will I be able to stake my $CHORD?
Yes, in the future we will definitely consider using an external staking platform to allow holders to stake their CHORDs that translates into more incentives for them to HODL to their tokens.
7. What are you looking into a $CHORD holder?
The most important thing for us is people that want to re-shape the music industry with us. People that supports talent all over the world. People who will embrace creativity in any form, because music has no boundaries. Anyone who loves music and crypto and strongly believe that we can make a difference.
8. What can I do to help $CHORD?
Share all content, shill the project, join our TG groups, follow us on Twitter, bring artists in… trust the process and hold long!